Car-E-Oke car magnet

Sample Car-E-Oke car magnet

Car-E-Oke is a mobile party that is run from on vehicle that runs the karaoke an broadcasts it using an FM broadcaster so any vehicle with a car stereo in range can tune in.

Car-E-Oke can be further enhance by displaying the karaoke text in the control vehicle using a monitor or a projector and allowing people in other vehicle to sing using wireless mics. I have tried it using a cellphone call in, but the feedback loop causes some technical complexities. Any FM radio within range can, however, tune in and listen which can make getting stuck in traffic a lot of fun.

A Car-E-Oke party can also end up at a location where the vehicle(s) park, open the doors and use the combined output of the car stereos as the sound system for the karaoke bar.

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