To book a karaoke even in San Francisco send an email to:

book1 @kjpaul .com

or call Beatrice at: 415-265-9866

This site is about karaoke in San Francisco. The authors are either KJs who host karaoke nights in bars and clubs in and around San Francisco…and occasionally Black Rock City or dedicated karaoke fans. If you are a karaoke DJ (KJ) in the San Francisco area and would like to become a contributor, then please contact the Blogs author to be added as a contributor.  The best way to get a hold of me is by befriending me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kjpaul

This site focuses on bars, clubs and KJs that host karaoke, not on the full time karaoke venues in SF. Those venues are easy enough to find, so this blog focuses on the rest of us. If you are a KJ and would like to have your karaoke nights added to the calendars on this site or if you would like to contribute articles to the Karaoke in San Francisco blog just let me know by contacting me through Facebook.

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